Blackjack Rules For Newcomers: How To Win In The Base Game And Pick The Best Side Bets

Blackjack rules

From classic blackjack to extraordinary variations such as Playtech-developed Blackjack Scratch, the game relies on the same profound blackjack rules. If you know the basics, you’re all set to conquer every variety of the game a casino can offer. Read below to familiarize yourself with the player’s goal and possible actions during a round of blackjack, and find out if it’s worth going for the side bets.

A Concise Guide To Playing Blackjack? Rules And Players’ Actions

Blackjack is a card game designed for 5-7 participants. Instead of competing among themselves, each of them plays against the dealer.

  1. The goal of every player at the table is to assemble a card combination that surpasses the dealer’s hand – but the total number of points in the combination should be equal to or remain under 21.
  2. A face card delivers 10 points, an Ace scores either 1 or 11 points, and other cards contribute their numerical value.
  3. At the beginning, every player has two cards at their disposal. According to the blackjack rules, one of the dealer’s cards must remain hidden from the player’s eye.
  4. The basic actions of the player are “Hit” – obtain one more card, and “Stand” – hold the current combination of cards and end the turn.
  5. If the value of your cards totals 22 or more, the situation is a “Bust” and the casino wins.
  6. If your initial 2 cards are an Ace and a 10 (totaling 21), it is a natural “Blackjack”.

The casino representative’s actions are subject to special rules: they are obliged to stand as soon as their hand reaches 17 points.

Blackjack Rules On Doubling Bets And Splitting Hands

“Double” and “Split” are the two more actions the player can take during their turn – but according to the blackjack card game rules, these actions are only possible as your first move. Doubling is essentially the same as hitting, but you increase your bet twofold, and you can request only one additional card.

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When your hand contains two cards of the same value, you have the option to “Split” them, creating two hands. The bet is doubled, as either new hand has the original wager behind it.

Side Bets In Blackjack: How To Choose The Right One?

The house edge in blackjack is extremely low, down to 0.5%, which is why casinos came up with various side bets that both add to the thrill and bolster the profits of the house. Some of the popular side bets allowed by the blackjack rules are:

  • Royal Match – the player’s initial cards need to be suited, with a particularly high payout (25:1) for a King and a Queen. House edge – 3.8%.
  • Pair Square – your first two cards need to be of the same value for a 10:1 payout. If they’re also of the same suit, you get paid 15:1. House edge – 10.6%.
  • Super Sevens – the more Sevens you get ahold of, the larger the payout. A single Seven pays 3:1; two suited Sevens bring you a 100:1 payout. House edge – 12.6%.

For the player, the main appeal of side bets is the opportunity to score a relatively hefty win on a tiny bet. Just do your research to avoid bets with an unreasonable house edge, and find out if there’s a counting system for the selected side bet.